Our Story

Run For Research is a 501(c)(3) entirely volunteer operated organization.  Our indelible events and fund raising success can be attributed to our passion for the cause and compassion for the over 2.5 million people worldwide living with Multiple Sclerosis.

Karen Lynd, the Founder of RFR lives with the daily challenges, and unpredictability of MS.  Her motto:  “keep moving forward” is a reflection of her strength.  Recognizing the vitalness of research in the role of normalizing, and saving the lives of those afflicted with MS in the states and worldwide, she has devoted the rest of her life to raising funds to back Multiple Sclerosis research efforts and patient support within our local communities.

With the ongoing dedication, support, and collaborative efforts of our staff of volunteer professionals,  philanthropic individuals, surrounding communities, and the corporations and institutions with whom we partner with, our main goal of donating 100% of monies raised to assist MS research is being realized.

Our aim is that future generations and hopefully those stricken with Multiple Sclerosis during our lifetime will one day be free of this complex and degenerative illness…life changing, fact-finding investigations are key to this vision.



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